CNC Milling

Complex Multi-Axis Part Specialists

Our expertise lays in custom, quick-turn manufacturing of prototypes with tight tolerances and complex features that require 5-axis machining.

Therefore, we expanded our milling department which now consists of 6 HAAS CNC vertical machining centers and 1 Bridgeport manual milling machine. We have invested a lot of time and resources on perfecting high-speed machining techniques to make parts faster and more efficiently. We can fulfill low volume rapid prototyping needs as well as larger productions and assembly services. 

In addition, 3 of our machines are equipped with multi-axis capability to reduce setup times and eliminate operator errors that may arise with more complex parts. 

Our Machines

  • HAAS UMC-750 (5 axis)

  • HAAS  UMC-1000 (5 axis)

  • HAAS VF-3 (5 axis)

  • HAAS VF-2 SS

  • HAAS VF-4 SS

  • HAAS VF-5 SS

  • Bridgeport Series I